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Body Scan - Rad One

Why have a BODY SCAN

Medical body scans are preventive examinations often offered as part of the top range full medical check-ups known as “executive medical”
As the technology has grown more and more innovations have been incorporated into scanning the body, it's vital organs and the cranium.
Uses for scanning equipment have reached unimagined levels of application and are embraced by an ever-growing number of medical specialties that extend coverage from head to toe in the human body. Body scans for both prevention and treatment have become established procedures and the future goal is widest possible application of these skills.

There are some frequently asked questions concerning scans and the technology employed.
Here are just a few:

Who should consider scans and screens?

Many of those who wish to engage in aggressive prevention measures and take a proactive role in detecting possible diseases are scheduling scans. With the personal physician and the annual physical always in mind, many individuals elect 3-D body scans as part of a preventive regimen. In so doing, they feel they are "getting the jump" on potential illnesses and making possible early treatment without invasive procedures.

What is the difference between scans and screens?

Scanning is the term applied to all techniques employed in state-of-the-art radiological examination and to imaging methods for examination of the human body, internally. The term "screening" is most often used to express preventive measures taken by scanning and to examine areas of the body before specific symptoms are presented.

Is radiation exposure a problem in these exams?

The objective of scans and screens is to provide clear, 3-D images of the patient's body and to do so with maximum safety and comfort. The efficiency of these testing methods is judged by the non-intrusive, detailed and rapid results obtained. A major benefit is the negligible amount of radiation involved and sometimes compared to a dental x-ray or a pleasant stroll on a sunny afternoon.

What are the major scanning methods offered at RAD-ONE?

Scanning methods include a wide range of techniques. The methods to be employed most often determined by the physician in consultation with the patient and the on-site radiologist. Methods include Helicoidal CT scan as well as Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and high resolution Ultrasound scans.

What does the patient do to prepare?

Then specific methods of scan are determined and fully explained in detail. The tests are painless, non-invasive and some simply impose limitations on solid food intake before the exam.

What diseases are most often discovered in screening?

Screening as prevention often reveals early stages of the Three D's: deformity, deterioration, or disease. This allows the radiologist or examining specialist to initiate prompt treatment with maximum options. Diseases that may be encountered at early stages incluye cardic diseases or damage; abnormality in the lungs; various tumors and cysts; carotid artery occlusion; diseases of the spine and osteoporosis. There are, of course, many more that may be revealed and make counter-measures possible. Cranial scans are not usually done as routine exams.

What happens to the results of the scan?

A written report, with graphics, will be prepared and may be transmitted to your healthcare professional within 24 hours or collected by the patient himself or other authorized person

How can I schedule a BODY SCAN for myself?

Interested persons are encouraged to telephone or contact us by e-mail and our radiologists and certified technicians will answer any questions you may have.

Body Scan

Interested persons are encouraged to telephone or contact us by e-mail and our radiologists and certified technicians will answer any questions you may have.

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